Viral Again, Mario Teguh’s Advice on Crushing Parents’ Parents Attention

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Viral Again, Mario Teguh's Advice on Crushing Parents' Parents Attention
Viral Again, Mario Teguh's Advice on Crushing Parents' Parents Attention

Roda Duniawi – Mario Teguh is known as a motivator who often gives wise advice about life. Recently, one of Mario’s advice delivered in 2014 on his YouTube channel went viral again.

The advice is directed to those who love someone else’s partner. Instead of carrying, Mario Teguh instead mentions that loving people’s spouses as a good sign.

“So if we love people who already have, that’s a good sign actually,” said Mario Teguh in a YouTube video MarioTeguhTV that aired October 30, 2014.

According to Mario Teguh, the status of the person who already belongs to his partner means to signify that he is a good stock. Where good stock is considered to be quickly chosen by someone.

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“Listen to this. If we love someone who hasn’t had one, why hasn’t he? Don’t you think so? That means actually the good stocks are already owned,” he continued.

This advice snippet recently went viral on TikTok after being shared by @wandaaarm account around April 12, 2021. The video has been viewed more than 7 million times and gained over 700,000 likes.

Tens of thousands of netizens were also enthusiastic to comment on the advice given by the 65-year-old motivator. Various opinions were expressed by warganet in the comments field.

“That means I’m out of date, nobody’s interested,” he said.

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“Astaghfirullah how am I who’ve been single since the embryo,” said another.

“WRONG! Because the stocks are quality + expensive so NOT CARELESS PEOPLE can have it. It can only be owned by the right people,” said another netizen.

“Or.. Precisely the most expensive are kept at the very end because only the best people can afford it. It is not permissible to take someone else’s property,” wrote another.

In the same YouTube video, Mario Teguh also delivered a conclusion about the wise advice presented by him at the time. He reaffirmed that loving a person’s partner is natural.

“So the simple conclusion of the opening was that loving an existing person who has it is more natural than falling in love with someone who has not had one,” said Mario Teguh.

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Check out the full video of Mario Teguh’s advice here. [*]