Play AdSense, Good Blog Indonesia Or English?

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Play AdSense, Good Blog Indonesia Or English?
Play AdSense, Good Blog Indonesia Or English?

Roda Duniawi – Before answering the question above, it’s a good idea to read another article titled The Importance of Building an Authority Site.

I requote what was in the article,

Authority site can be very flexible, because of its outrageous flexibility, in one authority site, you can practice a sentence that is already famous; one paddle, two three islands exceeded. Inside the autority site is very likely to sell, branding, AdSense and share knowledge at once, fused into one.

Whatever language you use on the website you want to build to earn dollars through AdSense, make sure that the step you take is to build a authority site, not a canned site.

I have enough experience for AdSense in English. I manage 2 Indonesian-language sites that have high traffic and revenue from AdSense.

In a work-making way, building an Authority site for English is very good, it will be easy for those of you who understand and can write content well in English, but that does not mean that Indonesian content can not produce.

In particular I wrote premium content that discusses bluntly accompanied by images without inspect element 😛 related monetize Indonesian content through Google AdSense. If you still often complain about the small income through indonesian websites, premium content is perfect for you. There discussed how I earn at least Rp20,000,000 per month from 1 Indonesian-language website. Not bad lah.

The formula of playing is the same, which is to build a website with quality content (read: What is Quality Content?). Or use a viral content strategy (read: Creating Quality Viral Content).

Okay, now we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each language.


  • Global coverage, worldwide.
  • Themes or niches are discussed very broadly without compromising a significant segment of readers. For example the theme of basketball sports. Of course English excels because point number 1.
  • More ad variations.
  • Advertising prices are generally higher.
  • Only with shared hosting, you can get a high income.


  • For those of you who are weak in English, this is very difficult, not only a matter of content creation, but also keyword research. The solution, can hire a content writer. Or a collaboration duet with relatives who can do it. I myself (because I can only passive in English) hire a writer and be helped by my brother who speaks English.
  • It’s a bit difficult for content writers, because of the high load, as well as the quality that needs to be selected. Imagine, 1 author usually handles many projects at once. Alternatively can hire outside writers, in good quality, quantity is also there, but the price can be several times.

Indonesian Language

  • Easy content production.
  • Indonesian internet users are very large, a market that should not be missed. This is why I also build a web with an Indonesian-language niche. Not bad funds received can make other developments (join premium groups, buy tools, themes, buy backlinks, increase content production, etc.).
  • It’s not too hard to find content writers. There is a large community of writers, living selected.


  • Advertising prices are low.
  • Ad variation is minimal. The ads that showed up were just that. Lazada, Zalora, Bhinneka, et al.
  • Need a VPS for maximum results because for high income, it needs high visitors as well (point number 1). As a result, it needs to be supported by a robust server to accommodate tens of thousands of visitors.


Never again distinguish Indonesian or English, you are only required to creatively approach the market and create appropriate content. Everything has to be well designed.

I end it first. [red/*]

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