Easy Ways to Use Insurance to Seek Treatment Abroad

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Easy Ways to Use Insurance to Seek Treatment Abroad
Easy Ways to Use Insurance to Seek Treatment Abroad

Roda Duniawi – Not only in the country, basically we also need insurance to treat abroad. Especially when you experience illness or accidents on the way abroad.

Many cases occur, the patient’s disease relapses and requires rapid treatment abroad which is expensive. As a result they were forced to sell assets (jewelry, cars, even property) to cover their medical expenses.

If the patient already has medical insurance abroad before, it will certainly be quieter because their assets are guaranteed protection.

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What should we see and how to get treatment abroad using insurance? Here’s a guide from Smarter Health.

Pay Attention Before Buying Health Insurance:

  1. Coverage of insurance benefits

Each insurance policy offers different benefits. Usually the coverage of insurance benefits depends on the amount of policy premiums that we have to pay each month.

For a large premium value, the benefits of protection can be thorough. For example, including hospitalization, outpatient, doctor consultation, childbirth, accident, total disability, to routine care for eyes and teeth.

  1. Claims system

The claims system is generally divided into two, namely cashless and reimburse.

In the cashless system, all patient medical expenses are paid directly by the insurance when the bill comes out of the hospital. Patients simply present their insurance card and related documents to the hospital and do not need to spend their own money to pay.

The reimbursement system means that the customer or patient first pays the cost of medical treatment, then the insurance returns the payment to the customer’s account at a later date.

Refunds can be as large as the bill or the amount of the dependent limit according to the premium chosen by the customer.

To be able to claim reimbursement, at least the customer needs to attach a medical record, doctor’s letter, diagnosis, prescription copy, and proof of payment to the hospital.

  1. Claim period
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Before choosing insurance, first know when the insurance claim period is active. Can insurance be used directly to cover claims after your policy is active, or is there a waiting period?

Usually, the waiting period can reach a year after the first policy is activated. After that, new customers can claim medical treatment.

  1. Coverage period

The coverage period refers to the age at which age the insurance will protect you. In general, the age of insurance coverage is between the ages of 65, 75, 80, to 99 years. The longer the coverage period, the more expensive the premium will be.

  1. Country coverage

Overseas medical insurance generally provides medical coverage to a number of popular medical tourist destinations. Many insurance brands in the country provide protection for treatment to hospitals in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, to the United States.

  1. Limit coverage

This type of limit covers the total amount covered by insurance to protect your medical treatment and treatment. The limit of coverage is per year, some are lifetime.

Do not be lured by large limits, but it turns out to be accumulated for the lifetime of your coverage.

Similarly, at the annual limit, examine again whether the limit bears claims according to the bill or based on benefits. Most insurers set an annual limit by imposing a per-benefit limit.

For example, your insurance limit per year benefits 500 million. From the limit, it turns out that for the benefit of surgery only Rp150 million per year. Obviously a loss if your surgery costs Rp200 million. You have to number Rp50 million, even though your total insurance limit is Rp500 million.

  1. Minimum premium and how to pay

Minimum premium is the amount of insurance costs that you need to pay each month in order for protection to continue running. The amount of premiums varies, some are in the number of hundreds of thousands, some are in the number of millions of rupiah.

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For overseas medical insurance, the amount of premium per month is usually above one million rupiah.

You can choose bank transfer, auto-debit, credit card, or cash deposit through an agent.
How to Use Medical Insurance Abroad

Here’s how to take advantage of insurance coverage to get treatment abroad.

  1. Read the policy terms or ask the insurance agent about:

a. List of destination countries and partner hospitals. This is important so that you can choose the countries and hospitals that are included in your insurance coverage.

b. Scope of benefits. Any care recorded in the insurance coverage benefit. Is the medical condition you want to treat included in the insurance benefits or not? If included, are there certain clauses that need to be understood in order for the claim to be maximized?

c. Coverage system. It would be better if you use a cashless coverage system so there is no need to worry about payment instruments.

d. Limit dependents. Know what is the maximum limit of total coverage amount and each benefit that you can claim to insurance. Based on the limit, you know what actions are not covered by insurance. That is, you’ve got an estimate of how much it will cost to pay yourself.

  1. Confirm your medical needs to an insurance agent

This is important so that your agent can prepare your claim documents. The claim documents must be brought and dicated at the hospital.

  1. Start looking for hospitals and specialists of the destination country

Start looking for hospitals and specialists in your destination country of treatment.

You don’t have to contact the destination hospital one by one. To save time, effort, and cost, you just have to rely on us, Smarter Health.

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Smarter Health is a free overseas treatment service. We are an official partner of internationally accredited hospitals in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Visit the Smarter Health website for recommendations from specialist doctors and hospitals abroad that suit your medical condition and needs.

  1. Calculate the range of treatment costs

Find out the estimated cost of treatment and then compare it to your insurance benefit platform. Be sure whether all costs are covered or not. If not, you become aware of how much you need to pay yourself.

Smarter Health service is also available free of charge to make it easier for you to get an estimate of the cost of treatment directly from the hospital.

That is, you don’t have to call the hospital because the cost details can come out complete and fast from Smarter Health.

  1. Create a consultation schedule

The last stage before you start preparing for the trip is to make a consultation appointment with a selected specialist.

No need to bother your own efforts, just tell us when you want to go for treatment, then we will help you make an appointment with the relevant doctor. If your preferred time is not available, we will recommend another time that you can choose.

6.Preparing travel needs

Once the documents and affairs of making medical appointments abroad have been completed, the final step is to prepare the travel needs. It’s important to make sure your passport is still valid for a minimum of six months. Also prepare visas as requested by the destination country.

After the international documents are completed, just start looking for flight tickets, lodging, to transportation (car rental, airport shuttle service, public transportation, etc.) for needs while in the destination country. [red/*]